Sunday, October 07, 2007

Down at the station:
Last night we did our usual read one book each (of their choosing) to the twins. Hannah chose 'Down at the Station" - she was finishing phrases in it and doing actions too - our girl is just gorgeous.

We have had a good weekend. Growers markets yesterday were a bit crowded (more than usual as Oct is 'good food month') but we soldiered on. Once we got home we pottered around the house, cleaning and I did a bit of reading for Uni. As P cooked a delicious steamed chicken idsh for dinner nad I did some study the brats ran around playing together happily ( I love watching them do this - mostly they were making musci and 'driving' in their car - aka a couple of little chairs lined up - too cute).

After dinner they insisted on inviting P and I into their playroom which they had 'decorated' for a party (using some of the costume leis etc) then we all sang Happy Birtghday before they took turns at cutting the 'birthday cake' and sharing it with us. Bliss - a lovely evening.

This morning I took them to an informal 'playgroup' for want of a better term. There were 4 kids with DS and 3 without. The idea is for the kids to socialise a bit with each other and do some physical activity - like playing ball. They had a good time so we are going to try and keep meeting at each other's houses for a while and eventually maybe at a local park - if it works out.

This afternoon I weeded and mulched - garden party is looming nearer! More decorating to do this week and yes I will post some party pics once the big event is over and done with!

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Michelle said...

sounds like it was a lovely evening with the twins' imagination going full speed! :)