Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Working Bee at the family home on Sunday

Kit has a best friend at child care. His best friend, Toby, has a baby brother not yet one - named Lachlan - so on Saturday night when they were bathing their babies and I asked them what their names were (these dolls have been called 'baby' since they first got them years ago!) Kit says something like Blockie and Hannah says something that sounds like 'Bikkie'. I couldn't understand where they had got quite such whacky names from until I ran into Toby's mum when I was picking them up from childcare - and she had Lachie in her arms. Kit had been telling her that he had a new baby at home too so I think she was also wondering whether she needed to congratulate me!
While I was at the Downsed conference - P was at home - dare I say 'in charge'? Anyways it looks to me as if his little angel is demanding 'cake' in this photo:


The conference I went to organised by NSW DSA with Downsed UK was great! The inclusion message came through loud and strong! It is something that we don't do very well here yet - I came away feeling a greater commitment to obtaining a mainstream opportunies for Hannah. Still it won't be easy. There was lots of talk about language and numeracy - and lots of ideas on how to help our kids use their strengths and to help strengthen their weaknesses. I got to catch up with lots of otehr parents I know from the same EI service as Hannah and from NSW DSA involvement. So yes a tiring, useful day with lots of positives and it almost goes without saying I know - but a fair amount of guilt - I really should be home making flashcards etc and engaging Hannah in 'learning' activities more than I do ...sigh ... I know that isn't their intention but still ... I felt a bit like a naughty scholol girl who hadn't done her homework!

On a more positive note - Hannah's PT was thrilled with her progress when she saw her. hannah has very loose ligaments - she has a definite wonky walk - but such determination to try things and keep at them. We are instituting weekly wheelbarrow races with her and Kit (for upper body strength) as well as some other activities - for when I am not using the flash cards and story books with ehr I guess - never mind encouraging the various types of play, getting her fine motor drawing and cutting skills up to scratch ... sigh ... do I need to say that the level of stress blew out witht he usual domestic argument of 'who does all the work around here?'!!!

And back to bad news - Hannah did well for the PT today but her hearing is worse than the last time it was tested - so now I am off to the GP to see if by some miracle it is simply an infection that can be treated with antibiotics (she has already had 2 courses of them this winter) or be referred to an ENT - and from there ??? I don't know - gromits? The audiologists were very impressed with ehr manners though - they had given her a lovely loud Banana in Pajama to play with while they tried to look in her ears - and when it was time to go and they asked if she was going to leave the toy - she walked over and put it back ont eh chair where one of them had got it from for her - such excellent manners! I was rather impressed that she clearly remebered their duracell bunny playing the drum from her last visit and kept looking over at it whether there was sound or not!

So then it was off to the shopping centre to buy a small toy for each brat - Kit because he did a 'big poo' on the toilet this morning and Hannah bear for being so good at her ear appointment even if she failed the test.


Michelle said...

Loved the pictures - especially the one of Hannah all dressed up! Kayla's baby dolls are all called "baby" too - no names LOL

Sounds like it was a very informative conference- that is great!

Good news from the PT, sorry to hear about the hearing though - hopefully it's nothing but some fluid that isn't draining!

homealonemom said...

Hi...I have 13 year old boy/girl twins, my daughter has Down syndrome.
It has been an interesting journey. I also have a 23 year old daughter who spent a semester in Wollengong (sp?) and loved Australia. I never met anyone with twins like mine when they were born.I just went on line now and there are several-all younger like your two. Anyway, I've dealt with the health,education and social issues for a while now. She functions at a 5/6 year old level on school, but is higher socially. She attends the same middle school as her brother-first time not in 2 schools. It is harder to mainstream her due the classes being more verbal and less hands on.
She does have a teen attitude!!
Just wanted you to know that it all works out ok as kids get older.
Best of luck...

Shelley said...

Thanks homealonemom - it is always great to hear a bit about how older kids are going - getting tips from the 'been there done that' Mums. Maybe you can start up a blog - I know lots of us would want to read it. I would love to ask you a bit more about how the 'twin thing' goes as they get older! This post was a bit grumpy - mainly because life is so busy at the moment. Mostly I enjoy Hannah's interventions - they are all play based and she really is very happy to do them. THanks for your words of encouragement.

Thanks Michelle I really liked the dress up picture too - without bias I have to say she is a pretty gorgeous little girl.

homealonemom said...

My son helped me set up a blog-I'm so excited!! Now I need to take some pics and figure that out too. Here it is..

Camille said...

I think, we all feel like we don't do enough at some point. But you know what, WE DO. Integrate speech therapy as you cook PO-TA-TOES, help along fine motor skills as they present themselves, tie a button, buckle a seat belt. I remember how Emma had so much trouble and now, HEY, SHE IS THE BUCKLE QUEEN!!! I truly believe that by just loving Emma, by celebrating every single thing happening in her life is just as good a therapy as sitting her at the table with loads of flash cards. As Hannah gorws, you will discover her likes (Emma loves her letters and numbers, and so on...) And from there, like a spider web, her abilities will keep on growing!!!
Hope Hannah's ear issues will get resolved. Emma is 6. They never could get a conclusive hearing test with her. She is too busy, or is sick, or whatever. She is on her 4th set of tubes. And I believe she hears just fine...
BEST OF LUCK, and I am so happy you met homealonemom. I shall visit her blog (My father is a twin!!!)

jotcr2 said...

That is a great one of Hannah signing cake. Did it take a while for Hannah bear to get her hands coordinated enough to do complex signing. We sign to Sheena, but her little hands are a long way off forming complex signs - including 'finish', which is so over-board as far as finger dexterioty for a baby/toddler. BTW, not sure if NSW has different signs than VIC. Hope the ears are OK.