Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hannah is going well

Hannah is doing so well at the moment. She had a ball at EI this morning - she loves to choose the painting and drawing activities the best. Group time is also lots of fun for her. She loves the singing and gets really involved. She was very disappointed today when Felise chose to sing 'heads and shoulders' rather than Johnny works with one Hammer' - and when it was her turn she immediately chose Johnny - barely glancing at her other options. We use an Australian phonics called Ants in the Apple and she did really well on the d and the h - which we have been practising at home.

This afternoon her ST and her Sp Ed Teacher came to visit her on her own turf and I think they are pretty happy with her play - we are particularly trying to encourage her expressive language. The brat can sign like a trooper but I still have to really coax more than one word at a time out of her. So now there is lots of 'go ask ... if they want x or y" with the aim that Hannah will be encouraged to use more than one word utterances to participate in these games.

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