Thursday, July 26, 2007

This and That
Thank you Chirstina from Prince VInce - I will respond to the 'award' next post. It was really lovely to receive it.

Hannah likes climbing nearly as much as she likes watching her favourite dvds ... here she is very pleased to have moved the step ladder over in order to get the 'chick' nightlight from her and Kit's chest of drawers.
The brats had a lot of fun at their Nan and Pop's today (as usual). When we got home there was a little free time before I had to get their dinner so we got the play doh out, did a puzzzle, some counting and a brief colour matching game but what they really loved was threading these cotton reels and then using their creations as shakers. They ran around like maniacs singing and dancing to snippets of Wiggles songs that Kit sang for them. So beautiful and vibrant. The shakers are looped throught he safety sides of their beds as they sleep tonight.
Scientists realise that the 'Happy 21st' chromosome can malfunction just like the others:
Music Therapy

Lifestart - Hannah's EI provider has received a grant for a music therapist - 1 hour a week. She is using a programme developed by QLD Uni. The twins have gone for 2 weeks now - and absolutely LOVE it. It is nice to see some other kids in the programme - with a range of special needs and because Lifestart has a siblings welcome policy there are other 'regular' littlies there too which is good for Kit.

It is located in a local primary school and this week one of the school kids came to the door. He is one of 'Hannah's people'. He is very handsome and very cheeky given he knows that the school rules do not let him come to this room - it is leased to other organisations to use. Hannah had her Dorothy the dinosaur toy in her hands when Isaac started beckoning for her to 'come here ...' - maybe he saw a romantic opportunity - or maybe he just wanted her Dorothy. Either way we sent him packing - they are both too young for dates at the UP! Club (DSA NSW's social gathering for T21 community) and besides I have arranged her boyfriend with another Mum at Lifestart - a beautiful little fellow called Nathan.
My own punk rockers although I don't know whether the colour coordinated guitar 'straps' are very punk ...

I have been feeling pretty down today - goodness knows why (I think it is part of hte turning 40 mean reds) but there it is. It is nice ot be sitting here sipping red wine and P is playing DJ - we are both singing along to this classic from The Saints (Oz Punk circa 1980s for those of you who don't know who I am talking about) ...
Don't send me roses send me fire
fill me up I'm falling more than I fell before
Save your scars don't leave them burning
take your time don't wait for the rest to come
& come on love we can face another day
I can hear the angels coming to chase the night away...
Easy now & watch for warning
close your eyes & wait for the light to shine
we can take it all together
take my head & give it to a stranger
So come on love we can face another day
I can hear the angels coming to chase the night away...


Michelle said...

looks like they were having so much fun with those beads! and poor Hannah - she sure did look upset! I love the caption you put with that picture :)

Camille said...

I am so sorry; seemed like I abandonned you. I simply could not get into my blog. Once again, after 4 months, I am back. I have missed you so, you and your wonderful children. Your angel bit just reached me, I believe, in the same spot as it did you...
Please, read me again. Right now I am going to catch up with your blog. So HAPPY to be back!!!

jotcr2 said...

40- Just a number. Hannah is doing a good climb there, let alone the puzzles.

Niksmom said...

Shelley, so glad you stopped by my site. I love finding other mom's blogs. Your twins are adorable! LOVE the pic of Kit climbing to get the light...looks like something my Nik did just yesterday. LOL Cheers.