Monday, July 09, 2007

Winter Lunch
About 4 years ago we had a fabulous turkey lunch with some very dear friends. At that time there were only 2 children. Yesterday we finally repeated the experience with a few minor variations on the menu; no variation on the fun had and a fair amount of variation in the kids present - now we have 5 between the three couples - aged from 18 months up to 10 y.o. As before we all contributed to the meal and it was coordinated by the gorgeous Emma and my P. Mmm ... delicious - hopefully we won't have to wait another 4 years before repeating the experience!

It was great to notice that Hannah was chatting away (mostly single words but still!) to Rosani while they were drawing at the chalk board - she loves R and her brother Subash but is normally fairly quiet when visitors are here no matter how much she loves them.

Roast Turkey
With herb, bacon and bread based stuffing
Served with:
Roast potatoes; pumpkin gratin and braised peas
and Pinot Noir

Pumpkin Pie made with gingernut crust
Served with fresh cream and maple syrup.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Trifle
made with marscapone cream

Almond bread and Baci chocolates

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Michelle said...

what a fun time that was! and oh the menu! Yummy! Hopefully it isn't 4 yrs before you do that again!