Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some people have a facination for twins. Scientists do too. I sometimes feel that mine are a fraud. I have twins - but are they really twins? They are not identical and given Hannah's extra chromosome they are developmentally far apart, Hannah is at the bottom of the regular growth charts, Kit towards the top - sometimes I ask myself - are they really twins or more like big brother and little sister?

I love having twins. Maybe part of that facination with twins is that until you are one, you don't really know. There is something so mysterious about the relationship that develops between littlies in utero and as they grow. Twins come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the sole surviver - but still a twin and conscious of it too. I watched Kit and Hannah play together and it seems so obvious to me that they are twins. Developmentally similar as well as different. There is a rhythym in their play - a seamlessness that is surely because they are who they are and they are twins. When Kit wakes in the night he often asks immediately for Hannah - he likes to know where she is. If I am doing something with Hannah she automatically says and signs Kit (his sign name is cat whiskers), she thinks of him as part of herself as well as separate. Yes no doubt they have a special relationship and part of that magic is because they are twins.


~Melissa~ said...

It must be amazing to watch them - and see the similarities. They are so cute - and it's nice they always have someone to play with!

Michelle said...

I loved this post - especially the picture of Hannah looking at herself in the mirror!! Beautiful! My mom is a twin and her and her sister are so close.

Christina said...

Wonderful post! Twins are amazing, I was an aupair for a family with twin boys, and they are (still)very different, but yet so in sync with another. Your kids are beautiful (I know, you already knew that - but still).