Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grumpy at nothing ...
out here nothing changes, not in a hurry anyway ...

Today is a grumpy day in the shams. I am sick and tired of Kit waking up early - he calls out for his father, demands drinks, music, new nappy, books - anything really to stop himself going back to sleep. He usually ends up waking Hannah, with his father running errands and me either with Hannah or trying to pretend I can't hear anything and am still asleep - I wish! So everyone is grumpy today.

The folks who made an offer on our house are still keen (or so we are told) but it has been at least three weeks and we are still waiting for them to have their finance confirmed before we can go ahead and make any offers on places that we fancy. Initially the only place both P and I liked is in a part of the inner west that is increasing in price a bit too rapidly - in other words probably out of our league even though it was initially advertised as in our price range as the auction looms the hoped for price seems to have risen dramatically - SIGH!! We can't do anything anyways without knowing that our place is definitely sold - SIGH!!

Then on a chance we looked at a place on a busy road in a suburb nearby that I hadn't bothered about because it is traditionally too expensive - but apparently its prices (especially in this poocket) have not been increasing as they have elsewhere so perhaps we can afford somewhere there - we both liked the house we looked at although like anywhere it has drawbacks - not just the main road factor either. SIGH!!! Then we have decided not to pursue the house we had been thinking we would make an offer on that is being auctioned this weekend that is in the shams - I must confess that although it is a lovely house I couldn't really imagine living there - visiting sure but not actually making it mine. I hope we don't regret that decision though. SIGH! This sucks. I never realised just how important having a home is to me but I am finding the whole thing so stressful - I just want somewhere nice with a bit more room and a patch of lawn - nothing fancy but with a good 'feel'.

So today I am feeling very FLAT. I did ring the DSA NSW yesterday re supplements for Hannah - I got a name of a naturopath who has a daughter with DS and has some expertise in this area - I think I'll discuss it all with her pediatrican first and then make an appointment later in the year. Maybe I feel this way because I'm premenstrual but that is just another reason to feel grumpy - I'd rather be pregnant - not that that is likely to happen. Life sucks sometimes.

Then I was reading a Donna Leon mystery - Doctored Evidence - I usually quite enjoy her genteel Italian murders. We are lucky here in Australia - there is more likely to be talk of 'fire retardants' rather than people as 'retarded' So I was particularly offended by insensitiveity, poor research and quite frankly poor writing (given it had no real usefulness to plot, theme or mood of the book) with this little gem:

"Well," Brunetti asked as they stepped out into Calle Lunga San Barnaba, "what did you think?"
"I'd say she's what my kids are being taught at school to call 'differently abled'."
"Retarded, you mean?" Brunetti asked.
"Yes. There's the look of her, the way she howled when she couldn't get her way, and an almost total lack of normal human reactions or feelings."
"Sounds like half the Questura," Brunetti said.

SO there you have it - all for a cheap shot at their fellow police officers. The book portrays the murderer of the evil old woman with greater sympathy - this girl killed a beautiful dog. Yep - bad writing, poor research and cheap shots - not going to improve my mood today.

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Christina said...

I am going to boycotte Donna Leon from now on... I read a few of them pre-Vince, but of course I did not pay attentiont o it then, but when I see stuff like that now, it just makes me sad.

But on a good note , congrats on selling the house!