Monday, February 12, 2007

Deluge raining here today - just as I am trying to explain to my overseas students how and why water is a key issue in contmeporary Australia!

First concert - Justine CLark "I Can SIng" at the Opera House - kit loved it - sat mesmerised by the whole thing. Hannah was happy checking out everything before the lights dimmed and the music started to blare. She idd have ots of fun clapping and singing along to her favourite bits with me in the foyer though. Next performance is of one of her favourite books - Mem Fox's Where Is The Green Sheep? So hopefully she will cope better in a few months - I might have to practice by letting her watch tv in the dark for a while!

Getting ready for Chinese New Year - we went to yum cha on Sunday. Hannah loves it - and the chopsticks too the little brat.

Kit was happy playing the xylaphone so Hannah got a rare opportunity to show off her guitar skills - they are providing accompaniment to one fo their favourite dvds - Play School's "Everybody Sing".

What a beautiful face! My Hannah.


mum2brady said...

Awwww - the twins are looking so grown up these days! Look at all they can do - they are both amazing! Love that last pic of Hannah - she is sooo beautiful!

Camille said...

Betsy and I are taking Paige and Emma to their first live concert next Friday. I think it is amazing that Hannah arleady has this experience. The concert starts at 7, which is usually Emma's bedtime. Will let you know how that goes...
Love to see your children's pictures!!!

Michelle said...

I love when you post pics of the twins - they are so darn cute!

Cate said...

I made a mental note to look for that book. Guess what the librarian read at story time on Friday? Where is the Green Sheep!

Want to sing It's a Small World?