Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Language and Loss

I have that yearning for a third child - so I was cruising some infertility blogs last night when I found the blog equivalent of 'dead letter office' - a discontinued blog. One of the final posts said something like "In any practical way there is no baby" - the 12 week diagnosis had been Down Syndrome - this was clearly for a person who had struggled to fall pregnant and was devastated by this outcome. I felt sick, so sad for her and the baby - I read the many comments - all sympathising with her 'loss'. I too would have liked to have - except it is not a current blog - and I also felt that my sympathies on her 'loss' may differ from the other commenters. I am sorry that she has lost a beautiful baby - not the 'dream pregnancy' but the actual baby whose prenatal testing sealed HER fate. I too felt for the mother - of course I did - her anguish was so evident. What a dreadful outcome for everyone. I hope that that blogger is feeling better now - that she has reconciled to what happened but I also feel like crying for the little girl who might have been. No I promise I am not some rabid pro lifer but still I feel sad about it.

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Michelle said...

That is one thing I can not understand - when a couple has gone through years of infertility, then conceived via IVF, or something, finds out their baby has Ds and terminates. How can you tx when you wanted a baby for so long and fought so hard to get pregnant? Makes me feel so sad for the baby who was never given a chance.