Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wishing their Godfather a Happy Birthday - at breakfast so the guest of honour is not present ... but that didn't dampen the brats' enthusiasm.

I bought Hannah her first pair of 'real' shoes this week. Up until now she has been wearing a leather 'bootie' to make crawling easier. These sandals are very cute and give good support to her ankle. I am monitoring them to see if they stop her getting around too much - that is - if they make crawling too difficult. She cruises a lot but still crawls a lot too. We will have to wait and see. She has already started trying to say 'butterfly' though which I am pretty impressed by!

Visiting the neighbours.


Michelle said...

what a cute pair of sandals!

mum2brady said...

Love the new shoes - they are too adorable :) I bet she is too cute saying butterfly! I'm jealous of your spring day, as we head into fall and winter here!

Beth said...

That's some good talking, Hannah!
Cute shoes, too.