Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How do you know when enough is enough? Is it when financial, emotional or physical considerations coincide? What if only two of the preceding are in sync? If you believe in God is it in his hands? But what of medical interventions - the use of His intelligences at work? When is there enough love? Enough babies? How on earth am I to know? Yes the great baby debate - when does it go away? Will menopause kill it dead? I hope so!

It isn't correct to say that Hannah is potty trained - she isn't but she certainly knows what to do with one and it has been marvellous for her constipation - she used to scream in pain but now she goes on the potty every night before bathtime. I am planning to try and get the full ticket happening for the twins in January sometime as really at just under two they are still a bit young. Kit has been suspicious of the whole procedure and whenever we broach the topic he says 'Hannah's potty'. Today off his own bat he decided to 'play potty' with 'baby' going first! He is such a beautiful boy. It is nice to see him learning from watching his big sister.


Michelle said...

Great job on the potty training! I don't think it's too early if they are showing interest.

I love when you post pics of the twins- they are so cute!

Shelley said...

Thanks Michelle. I might have to go early on the potty training - Kit did a wee there this afternoon - he finds the idea of 'undies' (aka 'pull ups') rather intriguing and so I might be able to use those as the incentive.