Thursday, January 08, 2015


for some reason an old friendship has been playing on my mind these holidays. This person was my best friend from grade 4 through until we both finished teacher's college. It must be almost 25 years since I have seen her. I am wondering how she is doing and where she is. Why is she on my mind? I have thought about her on and off at various times - like when I got married and she wasn't there.... or when my twins were little .... and she doens't even know they exist.

I have a couple of good close friends and a number of really wonderful friends I get to spend time with and share lifes joys and hardships with, yet I still miss that early close friendship - or is it the person I miss?

Anyway I hope she isn't in my thoughts due to some strange cosmic phenomena. I hope that she is well and happy whereever she may be.

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