Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family holidays

As the holidays draw to a close and the new school year looms large I am feeling a bit sad - all this free time and I still haven't ..... And ..... Oh my how will I ever cope with the return to the rhythm of our daily grind ... And .... #thelearningjourneygetssteeper!

So as I draw in a deep deep breath I'm going to start by reflecting on the holiday that was before tackling the year that is.

We've had our eclectic sparkles and lace on and lots of it's been fabulous.

A week at our favourite beach for example.
I'm here!
This boy just loves his time in the sun - no lack of things to do - and not a device in sight.

There's games for all.

Some flora and fauna from the yard
And a family bush walk in the arboretum 
More time at the beach
Hannah and I did a yoga class, Kit walked the hound.
And back to the beach.
And a spot of fishing.
An ice cream or two.
And fish and chips too.
There's a great set of swings near the seafood shop.
It was fun. A house that slept lots so Ps siblings came and stayed. Nan and Pop drove up for lunch one day. A family we're friends with through the kids school came up in the second part of the week and then another family joined us too so between Ps family at the start of the week and those friends at the end it was a relaxing but busy time. We managed the in renovated kitchen sans dishwasher magnificently and enjoyed the variety of company.

It did make me think though - it would be years since P has lived with his siblings - all under one roof (although technically his brother and fiancé were out in the converted garage/cottage). I can't imagine ever surviving even a few nights like that with my sisters. But then it's all about circumstances isn't it? My family all live a thousand kms away. P is one of 4 children - 2 of whom have cancer and 2 live in Sydney too. So circumstances aligned with a sizable holiday house - it was an opportune time for the siblings to holiday together. Ps brother was first diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer after collapsing midway thru last year. Two surgeries and some ongoing chemo and although it's clearly a grim road in the end everyone is quietly enjoying this stage where he is able to get out and about most of the time and we get to appreciate our time with him. One of Ps sisters has breast cancer - it's an ongoing journey for her but man she's doing great! We are all a bit in awe of this mad mum of 4 who is determinedly living her life - and returning to the paid workforce as her youngest heads off to school. So yeah - it's not about our families being that different but like so many happy happenstances that occur in this life (like twins or extra chromomes), circumstances, opportunity and luck gave us some memories to treasure forever. Best of all are the memories the kids now have :-)

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