Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What have we been doing?

One of Hannah's BEST friends (she has 2 - a boy and a girl) left school. Her Mum is going to homeschool her kids. I have been talking about it with Hannah - and we got her this lovely pendant (engraved) as a farewell present. I also asked the school to put some photos of the girls on Hannah's ipad - as while she knows where her friend has gone I am not sure how she will feel about it when it sinks in that this is a permanent change. Gen has been a wonderful friend to Hannah. Hannah has LOVED having her in her life. Now I can only hope that the girls will still see each other around in the community and perhaps go to school together (maybe highschool??) at the very least I know that this little girl was the first 'best friend' Hannah ever had - and when she came home so excited from Kindy to tell me that Gen was her best friend - I cried. She was so proud and happy and in love. I hope she gets that sort of friendship again - I'm sure she will. The little boy who was part of the trio has continued to be a wonderful best friend for her.
Hannah is happy that she finally got her big Lalaloopsy doll - she LOVES the button eyes (thanks to Coraline)
Kit has discovered and loves the Tashi books

Hannah's friends and teachers aid spent a little time playing with the camera on her ipad
Hannah's drawing of her speechie done on an ipad during a ST session.
Hannah got dressed up for the soccer BBQ
Soccer season is done for another yea - we had a lovely end of season BBQ at a friend's place.
Dad sent us a care package from his holidays in SA - a stack of Haighs chocolate (divine!) and some lovely Mary MacKillop souvenirs - our first Aussie Saint for those that haven't heard of her before.
Kit chose these make 'em yourself speakers for our resident hi-fi geek.
The night before 'the birthday' I realised that I still hadn't taken hannah shopping for a present for her father - she had said all along she wanted something from the toy shop. So after I picked the kids up from after school care I raced them to the 'geek' shop near us - full of scifi and fantasy things and anime goodies etc...She decided on a bey blade for him (which was preferable to me over the fluffy angry birds toy she had been contemplating). I am standing with her trying to hurry her decision - we still had to get home and cook the night's meal after all. What about this nice blue one? I ask - and proceeded to offer her a few different colour choices - I can tell you I felt both very silly and very proud when she finally picked one up and said this one - Pegasus for my Dad. Yep she wasn't going by colour - only ignorant me was!
The morning of 'the birthday' was one of my days off - so before I went and helped at the kids school I had a cuppa with one of the Mums - and totally by accident - see our order number? I had to take that photo to show Phil - it was very appropriate.
Kit's dessert for Phil's birthday
Birthday celebrations - Kit and I cooked a three course meal and Hannah decorated a cake. Kit sang happy birthday in Italian and we all sang the English version.
A professional photographer was coming to Hannah's dance class - to take pics for the end of year concert - so a new outfit was in order - this is a variation on the one she chose to wear on the day.
I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately with everything that needs to be done - and I so often feel that i am behind in keeping up with things. Phil kept reminding me to find out when Kit's music concert was - in case it is on when we are O/S next month... so I asked his teacher - only to find out that it was the next day!!!!! So lucky that we had nothing on the next day and so could go. It did make me wonder why I always seem to feel a bit harried when when it came down' to it - I was free! The same thing happened again today when i realised that I had got my dates mixed up and we were meant to be meeting with friends this weekend not next as I had been thinking... no problem though - we don't even have to reschedule stuff - just squeeze it all in.
Charlie and Lola are still HUGE. The twins love acting out the parts and when Kit isn't available Hannah gets her father to step in - sometimes as Charlie and other times as Lola.
Costume for Ballet - must be worn when watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses

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