Sunday, August 07, 2011

Craft and cooking Bugs

Disaster nearly struck when Kit started correcting the mistakes he'd made in his recipe book from a year or so ago. Lucky Phil was able to photograph some of them so all is not lost. Kit thought me very strange to want to keep those lovely little boy spelling mistakes and letter formations for posterity.
Hannah's Fashions
Lego is a great fine motor activity for Hannah at the moment I just wish they made more kits in girly colours - it was slim pickings when she and I went to buy some - so we ended up with Lego City police van.
Hannah and I made up a new lego model
Kit's first praline - nut free.
Kit's dessert
Hannah's snap of Kit and I plating up.
How Hannah sees me.
I may have mentioned that one of Hannah's favourite songs is Daughter by Louden Wainright. She dons a towel and pretends to be a mermaid. Phil has a part to play and has to sing along and point at her 'swimming' when the line "That's my daughter in the water.." comes on.
A simple craft collage was a great way to end our day. Hannah and I sat and cut and pasted and chatted happily for ages on this one.
Hannah wrote Mum and Hannah at the top of her creation and then in similar style but using what she describes as her 'baby writing' (ie scribble lines) she tells me she also wrote Kit and Dad.
Kit caved when he saw exactly what Hannah and I were doing and how much fun we were having. I love it when he voluntarily turns off the technological devices.
I enjoy watching these two working or playing side by side - it happens less often as they get older.
Hannah made an elaborate craft collage of a ballet concert and stuck it on her bedroom wall. [Phil says I am too old to stick my craft on the bedroom wall and that anyways Hannah's is a bit better than mine but I say a man who was out on Thurs evening at a trivia night and who went out again on Sat night to watch NZ flog us in the rugby should keep some opinions to himself!]
Kit made crumbed chicken drumsticks and soy sauce with buttered zucchini for dinner.
Little brat sat and read one of her favourite books while the dinner was cooking.
While he was waiting for the chicken and the rice to cook he started to draw up a plan for how to 'plate up' his dish, and then the weirdo got out the colouring pencils as well!

We've recently moved from eating at the tall kitchen bench on bar stools to a borrowed dining table. I love it. This morning I made us french toast with orange butter while Phil slept in.
Look what our neighbours delivered warm from the oven this morning - an Egyptian dessert. Yet another reason to enjoy diversity in our society.

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