Monday, August 15, 2011

Ah the journeys she'll take you on....

Today I am reminded of just how wonderful and crazy this parenting journey can be. I am not a shy person but I don't think I'm particularly gregarious either... my friends are usually more outgoing and 'stylish' sort of women - they are at ease in leadership roles. I was so proud of one of my friends who recently was interviewed on a national radio show talking about how best to engage children in education. She did great - and I was very proud of her.
Then I heard that Stella Young a disability advocate was going to be on an Aust current affairs show called Q&A. Eagerly I looked at the site wanting to see what questions she'd get. There were heaps on the proposed carbon tax... but only a couple on the proposed NDIS (National Disability Scheme). Now I love Q&A and I know that the carbon tax is important but this is a weekly show and a lot of it's time seems to end up being taken with a merrygoround of factional political parties arguing about climate change. I felt that if I wanted to watch a fantastic episode where Stella could strut her stuff - maybe I'd have to participate too. There is noone to hide behind. Noone I could jostle in front... but what to ask... there are so many things about disability that I want to lobby about. And so I finally put fingers to keyboard and drafted a question - based around the issue of how social structures and some professionals seem to baulk at the idea that they should be the ones to change - rather Hannah should be made to 'fit in'. It is a topic near to my heart.
Still I nearly had a heart attack when I got an email today saying my q had been shortlisted - and could I send in a video of it if possible? Well then I really nearly did have a heart attack. I quickly replied, with my heart pounding, that I was too chicken to be videoed but I hoped that they might still be able to use my question or one similar.... Then I rang my husband. He was very encouraging. I bit the bullet and videoed my question. With my heart absolutely clenched tight I submitted it. Then I got 2 more calls this afternoon to clarify who I was and where I live and if I belonged to any political parties etc... my video is on the short list for tonight. National tv. My heart is in my mouth... who would have thought it? If I had have had 2 regular kids I might have been quietly eating my way through a bowl of icecream and milo and listening to some other special needs mama put her heart on her sleeve - yet again - for the wondrous joy that her child brings her. Spreading the word, raising issues, making sure she is seen and HEARD.
Wish me luck. I truly am terrified. What a ride!
Ferragosto time in 'little Italy' so we all walked around to the main drag to see what was happening.

These little guys had Hannah enthralled for ages. They splashed through the water - a couple tried to swim in the little bowl and in between they'd go and nibble at the bunnies at the back of the enclosure. Very sweet - I almost wished we had a pond in our back yard!
My gorgeous boy
I bought a dolly's tutu - which Hannah was keen to put on one of her many dolls - and then she gave her a dancing class.

Kit took to writing songs for some reason recently. here is one of them - the first I think? Anyway - he recorded about 8 tracks on the Mac using some software of his father's - and now the bug has passed cos he and Hannah have been too busy acting out the parts of Charlie and Lola as they watch them on dvd.
The cooking fascination continues however - Phil and he blanched tomatoes for a sauce to serve with scallops for dinner last night and he made us a jelly with praline crumble for dessert.


Sharon said...

That's awesome Shelley, hope your question is heard. I'm sure you did great and I am proud of YOU!
Love the photos, the playing and the singing/acting/cooking stories. All too cute!

Smilen Champ said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Hannah is an amazing, beautiful, inspirational hero. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and developmental delays. I love it when people sign my guestbook.