Monday, October 11, 2010

Last bit of the Holidays

Well, Term 4 started today - only 10 more weeks of kindy. One week until the twins turn 6. My how they have grown. Both have had a little spurt over the holidays. Kit is reading chapter books more, he is also staking a claim to greater independence - like getting his own breakfast. Hannah has had a fantastic surge in her speech - her utterance length is at least 5-6 words and she is putting more endings on her words. We are all looking forward to celebrating their birthdays....
While Hannah was making beautifully hand crafted playdoh cakes, Kit got out the blocks and using the info booklet from parliament house did some building - didn't he do a great job?!
Gappy. Hannah has had an adult tooth emerging behind one of her front baby teeth for ages. We ahve wobbled her baby tooth for ages hoping ot encourage it to move out of the way but to no avail so on Sat DH took little brat to the dentist to get the deed done. She was, of course, an absolute trooper - me a snivelling wreck.
For the concert Hannah needed some black jiffies or jazz shoes - we got them on Friday.
Soccer Time - Thursday the twisn and I spent a somewhat grumpy day hanging out at home and recovering from our minibreak to Canberra. Friday we were obviously back inotthe swing of things cos we had a great day and got lots of little things done - including a game of backyard soccer.

After haircuts it was time to paint. PS I asked the hairdresser about my curling woes - the decision was to cut her hair short so that they wouldn't be required - and then I was given instructions on how to pin it so it looks good for the concert.
Hannah's craft - Hannah likes airplanes at the moment - here is one she made herself - she kept pestering me for 'more sticky tape' so that she could get the job done.

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