Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have decided on a school for the brats for next year. They didn't knock our socks off buit they were realistic about how her inclusion of the class would work - what it might mean for her. They were interested in hearing suggestions from the EI team, are willing to develop an individual transition program for Hannah - including me putting together a social story on it all for her. They have an organised parent volunteer program, want to get info from Han's ST to assist with her communication and are open to using some sort of picture communication system for her in the class. They even considered some more mundane but very practical issues like toileting and her stability in getting around the grounds. So I still feel nervous but overall I really believe that this is the best chance we can give her from our range of options. The negatives haven't disappeared but at least I know what theya re - including her being one in 2 classes (often combined) of 58 kids.

It was DH's birthday on Sunday. We took the brats to a 50s fair that was lots of fun and then had a few friends over for a winters antipasti early dinner - which was great even if the weather was more summer than winter! DH seemed happy with his loot. He had been geeing hte twins up about it all for ages - Kit revealed that he and I had bought a gift - and it wasn't undies or pants - it was a shirt! but he wasn't going to reveal what was on the tshirt (thanks Kit!) so DH moved on to prying info out of little brat who to be fair - as soon as she heard the discussion with Kit said loudly 'Superman' and went to get the said tshirt out of my secret hiding spot! Big brat and I went shopping on Saturday for a few other goodies - and Kit was very impressed with the KIT cosmetics lotions and potions website so we got some of that too. The sales assistant was great - when she heard Kit she gave him some packaging goodies with 'his name' on it which he just loves.

Today I am planning to turn Grandpa's bedroom back into a music/sewing room and take the brats to their usual music and swimming lessons.

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simplycamille said...

It sounds good!!!
Best of luck. I know you will be amazed at all the stuff Hannah will learn in school. Still can't believe Emma is starting grade 3 in about 10 days...Her 5th year in school!!!