Friday, August 14, 2009


I feel satisfied with the school choice I (we are yet to 'decide' officially!) have made. We still have a final meeting at the school that was my preferred choice. The final decision for me rested on the process for enrolment - at one school we were welcomed instantly, at the other we met nothing but caution - at one school we left every meeting (and there weren't many) feeling GOOD, at the other we left feeling sick to our stomachs and anxious (and they wanted lots of 'checking us and Han out' opportunities) - so I think enough is enough. Hannah has a right to an education just like her brother's and if I could shout it or put it in ****ing NEON lights - yeah baby - I would!!!!!!!! The school where she goes is LUCKY. End of discussion - that is it. Nada. And so I feel peace - cos ultimately only one school gives me that vibe. The other - we still will go through the motions - they have certainly spent time angsting over Hannah - so we will go through the final interview - but boy - they'd have to knock our socks off and have a total attitudinal turnaround to get my vote. I should be sad and excited about sending my babies off to school but not sick with fear, worry and apprehension - and if it all falls apart - it shouldn't be because it was our fault - cos we 'pushed' Han into that school - it should remain about the best interests of our gorgeous daughter and I think that is how this school will approach our journey together. It is exciting and terrifying all at once - and already only 6 months away.

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