Saturday, June 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

My sinuses are still playing up - I hope they stop soon as I have a heap of marking coming in te next two weeks. The cold has set in in Sydney which I am not that happy about. TOday Kit and I have yet another little boy's Ben 10 birthday party to attend - DH will take Hannah to her swimming lesson. Tonight the grandparents are babysitting and we are going to an old friend's place for dinner which should be lovely. Han got her IQ result - mild - which means minimal funding - or fancy footwork required to get some funded support for her. Lucky the principal and the special needs support officer at the 'school of choice' seem so good - I hope they can find that white rabbit in the CEO bag of tricks!

No other news - which is good news in itself I know. WIll try and get some photoes today to post.

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