Monday, June 15, 2009

The Madonna in the suitcase

Here sounds like an exciting book - when I was pregnant with the twins, once we knew the chance of Twin 1 having DS was high - we told our closest friends and family. I still recall one of our friends - a Kiwi who was a wonderful support throughout the pregnancy - saying that her family was friends with an artist in NZ - who had DS. I only found out about this book today via the NSW DSA. I'll have to ask my friend next time I see her - if Miriam is the artist she was talking about all those years ago now! ANyhow the link is in the title. Definitely worth checking out...

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simplycamille said...

If and when this book becomes available, please do let me know as I will, for sure, buy a copy. Is it available now?

By the way, hope you guys are all feeling better and I am happy that you went through, with flying colors, Hannah's IQ test. School is an awesome time. I can't believe Emma is moving on to grade 3 next year!!!