Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worlds of Possibilities

The ever fantastic Jennifer of Pinwheels had a link to Bridget's Lights who quoted this wonderful piece from Candee Baswell - indeed a world of possibilities is what 'special needs' people, their family and friends need to keep in sight. A post I need to revisit as I begin the formal schooling prep for Hannah - yep - I have to get my act together and organise an IQ test for her sometime before mid year... The world of measurement may have it's place but it is only one view and it is certainly NOT the sum of a human being.

Kit had his first general anesthetic today - dental work poor darling. I went to bed last night feeling sick to my stomach. I just never seem to get better at this. He is pale but sleeping soundly. I hope God and all those wonderful women I know who have died are keeping a close eye on my little love tonight.

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