Friday, February 20, 2009

Rainbow Club and other good things

Life is good in the dock. Dad is living with us for a couple of months - he is down here for work. Preschool is Great! I love the teacher - Hannah's social insecurities haven't been magically overcome but she has a fantastic teacher and teacher's aide who are open to seeing what she can do, give her space and want to see her happy and also think about what her indivvidual needs might be - I am very happy with that. I think in the world of mainstream with a lack of funding that is the perfect scenario available to us in the world of NSW ed.

After over a year Hannah is off the waiting list for Rainbow club and in the pool - see Title link for more details. When I heard I was already planning the chats and gossip with the other special needs parents - rang DH about it - appears that he is keena d willing to go ... so I get to stay at home with Kit for that one.

Have booked us tickets to the Wiggles Go Bananas show at the Enmore - also have a letter crying - child with disability - ready to post - fingers crossed Han gets to meet and greet the band - she would be in heaven (and I'd get a new outfit)!!!!

Han loves the idea of 'school' - at the moment we refer to her EI class as 'school' and then she and Kit go to preschool. At stroytime and before EI she often brings out ehr book Dora goes to School to read. She loves the idea of school. I hope she always does.

I have finally bitten the bullet. Given the increase in fees but reduction of services at Han's EI - I have organised for a private ST. That is going really well. Han is in love with the computer at the moment although the concept of what your finger does on the laptop mousepad having anything to do with the icons on the screen is a challenging one for a little girl! I hope to make some powerpoints of her favourite story books to use to help encourage her speech.

Tonight we had local friends for dinner - their 6 year old was great - played well with the twins and seemed to have fun. So did the grown ups. The rain has finally cleared so here's to a sunny weekend down under!

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