Friday, January 09, 2009


Yesterday we drove up the coast to have lunch at a friend's house - they have 3 gorgeous girls (including a 'big Hannah'). It was a lovely visit. Kit managed to best the Dads at Wii golf (which he's never played before) and hannah made countless cups of tea for J - our host. Then today I ahd a couple of friends visit - special needs Mamas. So we had 3 little girls with DS and their 3 brothers - all younger (yes I know - but Kit is 1 minute younger after all - and i think that counts!) It was really lovely to see them find their bearings and play together (as well as fight!). I think I am very lucky to have a number of families nearby who are in a similar situation - as we begin our journeys through the quagmire that is NSW special education.
The brats have been enjoying some holiday painting - Hannah has put texta on the loungeroom floor, crayon on the deck and pen all over her legs! Maybe I am crazy to be thinking of taking her to the art gallery to see the current Impressionist exhibition??

We drove up to the northern beaches to my SILs holiday house for the day. It was a blast - great food and a lovely play at the beach. Little brat loved this hammock. She had a BIG sleep in the car and hence was rather cheekily still sneaking out of her bedroom that night. The pic above is after a few failed attempts to get her to settle down and go to sleep in her own bed - I was watching Hamish MacBeth dvds (a Christmas gift) and they did the trick!

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Christina said...

Wow, I can not belive how big they are both getting!