Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here is a spoiler from a wonderful book - perfect reading for a beach holiday - and a fantastic last paragraph. I love Tim Winton's writing. It is just beautiful.

"My favourite time is when we're all at the Point, because when they see me out on the water I don't have to be cautious and I'm never ashamed. Out there I'm free. I don't require management. They probably don't understand this, but it's important for me to show them that their father is a man who dances - who saves lives and carries the wounded, yes, but who also does something completely pointless and beautiful, and in this at least he should need no explanation."

This really caught my imagination - so evocative. Of course it reminds me of my own grieving father who I love so very much and brings to mind some of my hopes for how the twins will see their own father one day. Everyone should have a dance that is all their own, one that they can share with their children.

There is a link in the title to an Age review of this excellent novel.

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