Monday, January 19, 2009

Beach Holidays

"Off to the beach now, in my car today.
Off to the beach now in my car today.
I'm going to swim, swim in the sea today;
I'm going to dig, dig in the sand today ... "
One of Hannah's favourite songs from Beeboppers - and yup - we sure did do all those things and more on our beach holiday.
We just got back from a week down the south coast. We went with some of our favourite people and did lots of our favourite things - a fabulous time. It really helped rest us all I think. DH was 'happily' ironing his shirts ready for his week back at work. I am feeling ok about attending the first funeral since Mums. This one is for the mother of my sister's best friend. My family can't make it because they live far away so I am the 'family delegate'. My heart goes out to the family - she was a lovely woman and I know that my sister has a special love of her - she was a strong loving Irish Australian woman. May she rest in peace and guard over her children from above.

The Three Kits. The brats really love their drawing at the moment. Han often says she's drawing a car or a face or putting one of the family to bed. Kit is enjoying letters. He is copying lots of words from one of their nursery rhyme books. This one of three children - he later added 'k' to each one's tummy - hence the three Kits.

It isn't a beach holiday in Australia without some beach cricket. The big kids, their parents and my DH loved it. The brats had a wee turn too and they liked it.

There was a playground near one of the beaches...
Spoon people playing chasings...
The bigger kids with a little help from the littlies made us all pizzas for dinner - delicious!
WIth the other kids all making pizza - Kit and Hannah weren't going to be left out. They helped with the pizzas and then we made some chicken soup together. That night's dinner was the best all week - and I can promise you the other nights were a gourmet affair - but this one - the cooks were just so proud of themselves!
This image makes me a little sad. Silly really - Hannah is playing Articulate - a pretty good game that the older kids brought with them. She got the board and set it all up herself - essential to the game is reading and then using a variety of other words to help the other players guess the word on the card. I know she'll read and her vocab continues to grow but still it made me sad. DH thought it was gorgeous though and took this picture. I guess it reminds me of school. The brats start preschool 2 days a week soon. Hannah is SO excited about it - poor darling has no idea what she's in for really. God I hope she isn't disappointed too soon.
Check out the exhileration on B's face - just fabulous!


My name is Sarah said...

Looks like you had so much fun. We have two feet of snow. We need a beach holiday too.

Blog editor said...

Wonderful photos Shelley! Which beach did you go to - gotta love the south coast. Your post cam in my "Google Alert" today.


Katie said...

Looks like you had a blast!
I didnt get to the south coast this holidays (too pregnant) - but i think we will have to go down in the spring hol's (less busy too!)
Which beaches do you guys go to?
Pre-school!! how exciting :) They will have a blast. Kit is a great little artist!
take care