Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life is a treat

Things have been going pretty well here. The release of tension now that we have bought a house is amazing - as is having an extra day each week - last Saturday we celbrated by making cupcakes to take to Lucya nd Maddie's party. Just over 4 weeks till we settle - and I am away for 2 of those weekends so packing starts today. The week before last was the council clean up - the new place is about the same size as here - but has no garage - you could hardly stand up in our garage it was so full of stuff - it still won't be easy but at least we cleared away about half the mess that needs storage!

Miss Lucy and her sister Maddie's birthday party was a hoot.

The brats just love swimming. The new coach is fabulous. They have just started using visuals in their lessons - which really helped Hannah. It is money well spent.

Hannah doesn't stop smiling from the moment we get to swimming till we leave

Can you be considered a stalker if you walk or drive by your NEW HOME regularly?? I took a photo like this of the twins outside our old house so now I wanted to complete the set.

My favourite forum is DS Down Under - they organised these Tshirts - I think they look great!

And all the books I ordered from Amazon have arrives so I have been having fun reading them.

Part of the plan to move house includes weeding the front garden. Kit and P did the worst of it on the weekend.


~Melissa~ said...

So glad you found a house!!! That is exciting - enjoy your extra time!

Katie said...

Oh they get more and more gorgeous every day!! Congrats on the house! No i dont think thats weird... I did the same thing when we bought our house :)
LOVE those shirts! Thats really clever!

Tommy's mommy said...

Hannah is smiling SO BIG at swimming lessons. I want you to describe more about how the 'visuals' work...

Congrats on the new home! Don't envy you on the packing though. My rule of thumb: if I haven't used it in the past two years it ain't coming with me, and buy more packing tape than you ever dream you could use!