Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get ready to ...

For a long time we have taken the brats to various concerts/events etc. One of their first concerts was Justine Clark singing at the Opera PlayHouse - Hannah and I spent most of the time outside in the foyer because Hannah was really anxious by the crowds and the noise. The first year we took them to the Easter show she was a bit wary of the ABC show - this year she has been getting better and Last week when my MIL and I took them to their FIRST WIGGLES concert (!!!!) she showed NO SIGN of anxiety! Everyone had a ball. Our seats were right up the back but Hannah stood on her chair and did lots of actions to the songs. She and Kit got lightwands and waved them about enthusiastically. I am hoping to take them to another one later on this one was so much fun!

Still working on Hannah's speech - she understands so much more than she says. She has been dreadful at saying her colours too - if you ask her to give you the 'blue/green, red ... etc" she is fine but if you ask her "What colour?" There is a lot of green - unless you give a visual prompt and then she improves a bit - so we are singing the Rainbow song as often as possible! Looks like they should get into preschool next year and I am hoping that that will also help her progress further.


~Melissa~ said...

I remember taking Dominic to his first Wiggles concert - it was such a fun day.

It looks like the brats had a grand time.

mum2brady said...

So glad you got to go to the Wiggles :) Brady's been once and LOVED it! The kids look so cute :) Hope this is only the first of many fun musical adventures for your dynamic duo!