Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meet my Goddaughter

My gorgeous goddaughter: Dunking:

All is going well in the Dock. I was godmother to a beautiful little girl on Sunday - and afterwards her parents put on a lavish 1st birthday party for her - heaps of fun for everyone. It was a gathering for family and old friends and the star of the show held it together relaly well - she is definitely a socialable little girl!

Swimming lessons are going well - P and I were commenting tonight on how far swim teachers have come since we were little. We both recall rather dragon like tyrants and not much fun yet todya at swimming both brats and their teacher seemed to be having a riotous old time. Hannah was babbling and calling out 'me, me, me' for all the fun activities. You can achieve so much mroe when the learners are having fun - still she could certainly borrow Tommy's hip helpers or whatever they are called - her legs almost do the splits when she is trying to kick in the water!!

I have found the house I want - now lets hope the owners accept our offer!

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