Saturday, January 27, 2007


Not long ago Australia Day was an excuse for a long weekend. You didn't 'do' anything - certainly you never thought to wish anyone "Happy Australia Day". I must confess to being nostalgic for those times - when Australia day was a great excuse for doing nothing much ... maybe a bbq with friends. I don't like the nationalistic jingoism that has sprung up around it all these days - the 'contraversy' over the wearing of the flag - blah blah blah - I enjoyed invasion day as I have most years - a bbq with friends.

The brats had an absolute ball. I love watching how social and excited Hannah gets when we are out with friends and family. I can really tell the difference now as she is much less gregarious in an unfamiliar environment. She loves our friends K and R and particularly their children Rosani and Subash. So does Kit. As I said they all had a lot of tribal fun.
No sleep today ...
Rosani and Subash kindly tried to 'help' the twins have a sleep in their room - I didn't have the heart to tell them that they were hindering the process rather than helping! They read many books to the twins and lay down with them and patted them and their teddies etc. Everyone had a ball but I did worry a bit about how ugly dinnertime was goint to be with no afternoon nap!

Rudi cooked a magnificant feast of duck. We had a ball catching up with our wonderful friends and celebrating R's birthday. YUMMY! Brats sat up like little children with Rosani and Bash.

Kit learns cricket
I know I gave the intro rant about the evils of Australia Day but I did enjoy Bashie (my godson) and his parents trying to teach Kit the intracacies of cricket on that day - it was very appropriate.

PS I hold PM J Howard and his cronies Ruddock and Hanson and the rest of the morons responsible for making me feel shame about this country that I do have a very true love for.


Rosemary said...

It's Rosemary, Sheena's Nan.
Your twins are beautiful, I can't imagine looking after two at a time. My 'twins' were 19 months apart and that was enough for me. I liked your thoughts on your friend who 'just doesn't get it' but is your friend who can be so natural with both you children. Keep enjoying them.

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - looks like the kids had such a fun time! Even if they day was somewhat ruined for you, you did get a day off and a fun BBQ :) Yayyyyy!

Michelle said...

happy (belated!) Australia day! Looks like you all had a great day with friends!

I was wondering does "brat" mean the same thing in Australia as it does in the US?

Shelley said...

Michelle - not sure what brat means in US but here I use it somewhat ironically. It is a term for a rather precocious or difficult to deal with young child. Of course I use it with the greatest affection for my own brats. Maybe it is the teacher in me?

Michelle said...

It sounds like it has pretty much the same meaning - difficult to deal with LOL I could tell you use it with affection, but I just wondered if it had a different meaning "over there" :)