Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas is over and here comes the New Year ...

Here is Kit on the bike Santa brought for him. I'd like to find one in tricycle form that can cope with Hannah's short legs - it is great for going to the park.

Lucky one of our good friends got these outfits for the brats. We were cooking up a storm prior to Christmas - they not only helped make the Christmas cake they also iced and decorated it. We made some wonderful chocolate chip cookies, some relish and some fudge too - these cooking outfits will definitely come in handy around here. My Tupperware sifter arrived too - it is fabulous for the brats to use - much more child friendly than just shaking the colander which is what I have been doing for years.

How gorgeous is my girl??? I love this photo that Pop took of her admiring herself and her new dress on Christmas Day.

Here is the brats sharing a bowl of ice cream that afternoon.

Well it is with a bit of sadness that I farewell the Christmas season - this one has been wonderful. My parents were down from Brisbane as was one of my sisters and her 3 year old. The twins just loved everything about the season - giving and receiving presents, singing - so much singing in this house!, baking, having Mum and Dad home all the time, the many social activities etc. We took them to the children's mass at St Bridgits. It was lovely to go with their grandparents. HTere was a children's pageant which was wonderful. Kit has been particularly enthralled with 'The Little Drummer Boy' since then as they had 2 little boys drum their way down the aisle as part of the mass. Soon it will be time to dismantle the decorations and put away the Christmas cds that have brought so much fun this year.
Last night we welcomed in the new year at home - a bbq with treat dessert for the brats and then a grown ups bbq with 2 of our very best friends. A lovely way to look to the future - I can't wait to see what it brings - my Hannah bear is wonky walking more every day - I wonder how long it will be before it stops amazing me and just becomes 'normal'? She is speaking more too which I just love. Kit is pedalling on that bike and in a few months no doubt he will be able to go far by himself on it - mastering the steering may take a bit longer of course. They are moving up into the bigger room at childcare - I hope that change goes smoothly. And somehow I am hoping to study part time. I hope that we and everyone in blogland has a great new year. God bless.


Michelle said...

what fun pictures! Love their outfits for cooking and them eating ice cream together- just precious!

jotcr2 said...

Glad that your Christmas went so well. The kids look very happy.

mum2brady said...

I love that pic of Hannah looking in the mirror - it is precious!!!