Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TWO! Happy Birthday my precious ones. Watching you learn and grow has been wonderful. You have taken us on an unforgettable journey - and we are loving it! Congratulations on all of your amazing achievements so far. It is only the beginning ...

The brats had a lot of fun and so did we at their birthday party on the weekend. I know I should be embarassed but I was very proud of Hannah who at one stage in the afternoon demanded both 'More presents!' and 'more cake'! Kit had a lot of fun playing with SUbash in his 'boat' out the back. An excellent acknowledgement of thier turning two. Last year the party was really for us - a celebration and an opportunity to thank all our family and friends who had been so supportive during some tough times. THis year it was for the twins - they love singing Happy Birthday and really got intot he whole party thing.

Unfortunately our first 'Walk With a Mate' was on the same day - but I hear that it went very well and so hopefully we will be able to go and show our support next year.


Michelle said...

happy happy birthday to you both!!

mum2brady said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kit and Hannah! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! Two is Terrific, and doubly terrific with twins :) Sorry you missed out on your Buddy Walk/Walk with a Mate :) There's always next year and the next year, and the year after that :) Hope you have a blast being TWO!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kit and Hannah.


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Beth said...

Happy Birthday, you two!
Looks like they had a fun party.
Our guys will be two in a couple of months.
It doesn't seem possible!
Enjoy 2--- I think it's one of the most fun ages. Don't listen to the "terrible two" nay-sayers.

Kit and Hannah are cute as buttons.
Too bad we all live on opposite sides of the world. Wouldn't your two and my two make great playmates?