Friday, October 13, 2006

Hannah's new dress - a present from one of my Townsville cousins.

Kit's new T-shirt - from the same cousin

I have just returned from visiting my parents in Queensland. I flew up witht he twins on my own - lucky it was not a long flight - an hour and a half! Kit was wonderful and so was Hannah but she screamed during takeoff on the way there and refused to drink or chew or suck a lolly for me - so my bag of coping goodies was useless! Panadol seemed to help on the return trip though.

It was wonderful to spend some time with my parents and my sister and her husband and their little boy who is exactly one year and one day older than the twins. He is an absolute darling - but such a petrol head! One of my Aunties and her partner came over for a bbq too which was lovely and there were lots of goodies for the twins - some sent down form Townsville by another Aunty of mine.

My Mum has been very sick lately so it was really good to see her and to know that she is on the mend. Hannah played to the gallery of course and impressed her mum by consistently taking 2-3 steps between me and her grandmother. It is looking like my goal for her to be walking by Christmas is becoming more likely - such a good little brat. Kit had fun but is naturally more wary of strange places than Han is - they both missed their Dad too - their smiles were huge when he came and got us form Sydney airport - and Hannah wouldn't stop chatting and saying "Dad, Dad" all the way back to the car.

The twins and their cousin Daniel

How wild is this child???

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Michelle said...

She looks absolutely darling in her new dress! I can't believe you travelled alone w/the twins! I flew once by myself w/Kayla and that was hard enough! LOL