Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Queen's Birthday, Long Weekend


Michelle said...

they look so adorable in their hats!

mum2brady said...

The kids look sooooo darling in their hats! I can't get Brady to wear one, he's so stubborn. He should take lessons from Hannah and Kit :) They are too cute! Hope you had a great long weekend!!!

Miss Magic said...

Oh my! Your kids are sooo cute... and Hannah has the color hair that Maren was suppossed to have, LOL. After M was born, a dear friend asked me how I was dealing with her having DS. She was shocked when I told her quite honestly I was more upset about the fact that she wasn't a redhead! Maren Flannery was supposed to be a Flannery Jayne -- my redheaded little Flynn. Ah, but that didn't pan out! Want to send some red this way ;-).

Your twins are adorable. What fun they must be together!

Cheers, Carol