Monday, July 17, 2006

Pop's photo of the twins at the Entrance


I have just got back from spending a week at the Entrance with my in laws. It was lovely. And such a great opportunity for the twins to spend some real time with their grandparents. It reminds me how important my own grandmother (and indeed Phil's) was to me. I think of Nin (mine) and Nan (Phil's) quite often. I know that they would be thrilled with the brats. The twin's Nan and Pop are wonderful with them. I wish my parents lived closer too as Kit and Hannah don't really know Nana and Grandpa but no doubt they will have some good visits later on this year.

Back to work today - oh nightmares! I love the classroom but the staff room is not always so pleasant! More changes have happened so hopefully things will improve a bit.

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mum2brady said...

I love the picture of the twins on the teeter-totter - how fun to have each other to grow up with :) Brady and I are jealous :)