Saturday, March 07, 2015

It's a Win!!!

Camp was awesome. Hmmm - let me repeat that - camp was awesome!!! YAYYYYYY!!! I am so relieved. After a rocky planning session I was very worried - cos although I thought she could get a lot out of it I also know it would really push her. Well, she thrived. The other kids and the staff all rallied around. Everyone had a good time - including Hannah. She was full of chatter and stories when she got home at 8pm tonight. It took us a while to get the twins calm and settled for bed even though they were both tired.

Her favourite part - bowling. Kit's favourite part was the War Memorial and Questacon. In just 3 short days they have both grown up just that little bit more. All staff were quick to tell me that Hannah did great. Even the busdriver commented upon just how great she had been. Her aid sent me a wonderful text with some pics. I have to quote from it: "she is a beautiful and amazing child with a super loving personality. I miss her already..."

While I was waiting with the other parents for the bus to arrive, one of the Mums who I have spoken too briefly fromtime to time but don't really know came up to say how wonderful it was that Hannah was going on the camp and told me a sweet anecdote about how on Wed morning when they were leaving that she'd stopped to say hello to Hannah - and how Hannah had wanted to know if she was going on the camp too....she went on to say how she'd have loved to go too but had to get to work instead!

Anyway, Hannah has some lovely photos and some even more wonderful memories. Here are a couple of the pics:
Dancing shadows with her friends

 With her gorgeous twin brother:
 My favourite:

 Spy Hannah

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Cate said...

yaaaaaay! that's awesome. love the photos. (and her shirt, too.)