Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Well the time has come. First school camp. P and I are excited for the twins but were also feeling anxious. To be fair it's probably the combo of Ps brother having brain surgery today as well as concern about how Hannah is going to cope with the very busy excursion schedule. Needless to say we will keep our phones close and start each time they ring no doubt.

Hannah woke up with a smile ready at 5.30 today. She's ready to 'step up'. The teacher assistant going too is a favourite of Hannah's so I know she'll be well cared for - I just hope she has enough stamina to enjoy it. Kit on the other band should be ok but I do worry about him too. Lots of his mates left the school last year and he hasn't quite found his click with the remaining boys. He sat towards the front of the bus next to a girl I couldn't recognise. I take comfort from the fact that I know he is well liked and has excellent social skills. Still it's a bit of a learning curve/change for him so I hope he likes his room mates.

Now for me to take advantage of not having to do the school run - I've already signed up to work later Thurs and Fri - so must make sure I build in some time for lone walks and cappuccinos.

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Cate said...

oh my gosh, that is so exciting! William went away with his class this fall (fifth grade) and I am already thinking ahead.....can't wait to hear how it goes. Enjoy your time off!