Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nonno's Farm

We had a wonderful day today. One of the boys on Kit's soccer team invited his teammates and their families to his Nonno's farm. We all went - and had a blast...
The kids were imrpessed when the first thing they saw upon arrival was this piece of play equipment - from an old MacDonalds. Hannah was just as impressed as she had been with the car going on the boat - or the ferry we went on to get to the farm.

The kids picked oranges and lemons in Nonno's orchard.

There was plenty of machinery for the boys (and girls) to enjoy - including this motorised car. The Dad's were having as much fun as the kids as they took turns in taking kids around on the quadbike and the dune buggy. In fact it seemed to be as much a 'dad's party' as a kids one.
Quad Bike

I think she is ready to participate in the next Scrapheap Adventure that fundraises for NSW Down Syndrome Association.
Dune Buggy

Most of us went on a bush walk after lunch - up 'Shark Mountain and to a cliff face as well.
THe pinnata was a hit.
The kids were more than happy to make sure Hannah had a go too.
Here is the picture of the house that M's Nonno built - or carved out of rock and then built on top of. It truly was both amazing and fantastic. The farm had something for everyone! We had a great time.
The dinosaur cake was a huge hit - and it tasted good too...
Talk about 'at home on the farm', little brat had a great day and when I asked her what was the best bit she prattled on and on - and unfortunately I could only get the key words - but it was so sweet to hear the excitement in her voice.
A quiet moment at the end of a lazy mother's day.


Adelaide Dupont said...

What a wonderful party.

I have no words for it.

But the quad bikes and the dinosaur cake and the pinata.

And just picking oranges and lemons...

Will definitely keep Scrapheap in mind if you decided to make a team.

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - look how much they have grown? I am so behind on blogging and reading - I can't believe how big they are - and soooo gorgeous! Looks like the most fantastic day!!!

Beth said...

Oh my golly! Hannah looks just like Hannah--the picture where she's looking at the yellow wheel takes me back in time--even the slipping eyeglasses!
The party looks like it was fabulous!
BTW, I learned the trick to adjusting glasses to they stay in place--the temples need to be shortened. The optician can heat the temples so they bend a little bit sooner. My Hannah's ears are small, and a little forward, so every frame we get we have to shorten (even the Specs4us ones).