Monday, May 09, 2011


Well Mothers Day is done for another year. This year Phil had a cold - he still troopered on to make buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and chicken noodle soup for dinner. I know that Mothers Day is not the most important day of the year - a load of commercial hooha - but these days I do miss Mum just that little bit more than usual on that day. As I watched the twins play - bring me in the gifts the had so carefully chosen at the school mothers day stall and as I then played with them - I appreciated the day even more. It occurred to me that the best thing about Mothers Day was I felt more free to sit and play with the kids. I could ignore the piles of washing and marking and cleaning that all really needed to be done and play shops with the twins instead. Then I Hannah and I took the dog for a walk and when we got home we got out the wave wand she received at a friend's party recently and we made 'big bubbles'. Lovely.
This morning in the school I was chatting to a mum who couldn't get her daughter to school today - she commented that she thought she'd do better in 'the other class'. I had to laugh - the other class is Hannah's and I am thinking the opposite!! She had very clear and reasonable explanations for this - which were also why I think Hannah would do better in her daughter's present class. LOL>

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Adelaide Dupont said...

What a wonderfully free Mother's Day!