Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I could hardly believe it...

Last week I admit to feeling just a teensy weensy bit apprehensive. Phil and the twins were invited away on a 'dads and kids' weekend. A holiday at the beach - with a pool too - was available. Initially we discussed it and decided to just send Phil and Kit. Hannah has been exhausted after school and I wanted her to rest up. ALso I knew she'd probably demand more attention from Phil. Then the email came thorough - dinner out on Sat nights for the Mums. One of the dads was taking his Year 1 son and his 3 year old. Hannah wouldn't be the only one who needed a bit 'extra' supervision, plus there was a few kids going that I knew she really liked and played with - and so we decided to send her too. 6 dads, 14 kids later...Patiently I bit my lip waiting for instructions re food and what to pack. No word. I asked a few of the other Mums. The organisers wife (who is absolutely gorgeous) said that everyone was asking her about it - it was her husbands gig and she'd told him to get organised on it. She did tell us to pack QS sheets. Hmmm as Friday afternoon approached way too quickly I bought poppers, treats and heaps of fruit. Phil and I laughed and wondered how like Lord of the Flies the weekend might prove to be...Friday morning the 'organisation roster' was delivered. A few last minute bits and pieces were done and not long after 4pm I got the call to say that Phil and the kids were on their way.

I stopped off at JB HI FI on my way home from work - picked up a couple of classic chick flicks to enjoy and some take away for dinner. Relaxing at home - it was about 7.30 when I got the call.
Phil: No problem, everything here is fine. I just wanted to ask about Kit.
Me: Yes? What about Kit
Phil: Look he's fine, he's sitting here eating an iceblock.
Long pause.
Phil: He's hurt his head - on the bunks. It's stopped bleeding but he has a jagged cut on his head. It's an open wound. He's fine though. {You're fine aren't you mate? Kit it's mum on the phone...vague sounds of Kit saying my name in the background}
Phil: Do you think I should take him to a dr? he's fine. A (one of the dads) rang his sister - she's a nurse. SHe said it should be ok - just to boil some water and clean it.
Oh Yeah - did I say Lord of the Flies? What could I say? I told that man to get my son up to Gosford hospital asap and ring me as soon as he got there. Eventually he got in to see a dr who gave Kit 2 stitches in his scalp and told him he couldn't get it wet - no beach, no pool. In true Dad style - he went to the beach with everyone - and it got a 'little wet', then he had a blast in the water fight! It's not that his father doesn't parent him - it's just a different style isn't it? Anyway the twins had an absolute blast and came home very excited about their time away.

One of the questions phil asked me was what to do with hannah while he took her to the hospital. Leave her with A and D (the 2 other dads who were up there that night) I suggested. Which he did. These are dads we met at school last year. Lovely men. I knew they'd be fine with Hannah and they were. The next day Phil was out shopping (for dinner!) and the kids all went in the pool. Hannah wanted to too. When Phil got home A said that he'd not known whether it was alright or not but then decided 'why not?' and so little brat was happily playing around the edges of the pool when Phil got home. That's what I think is great about dads parenting - and although it may have resembled an episode of SUrvivor - survive they did. Survive and thrive in fact. Lol.
And on an even brighter note... I had driven out to mind my nieces and nephews while my SIL drove to the hospital thinking that her BIL was going to pass away that night. I got to her place about 10pm. She returned at 6am. He was still going. I wondered how on earth they were going to keep this up. Her husband (my BIL) had been up there at his brothers bedside for a long time. They wouldn't be able to keep it up. He was still only early 40s it may take days before his body finally stopped. I rang her that night. The hospital had spoken to them. He was going to be moved from ICU to palliative care. I wouldn't be needed to mind the kids again that night. I was relieved for their family.
On Sat morning I woke up alone in the house except for our dog. It was bliss. I pottered around and then thought I'd ring my SIL to see if she needed any help and to hear how Miles was going in palliative care...well MY LORD!!!!! Apparently they'd shifted him to a heart ward en route to palliative care. They were still treating him palliatively. At one point his morphine was less and he spoke and tried to sit up. He recognised his father and his friend who was there. He smiled at his dad's bad joke...How fantastic is that??? He didn't recognise his girlfriend but he has only known her for just on 1 year - and originally we were told that 'best case scenario' was that he will have memory loss of around 8-12 months. Well that is what it looks like now. They started treating him again - hiving him antibiotics for his chest infection. Managing his pain differently and putting him back on the ventilator. I still can't fathom it - it was such wonderful news. I know it's likely to be a hard road of rehab and he isn't out of the woods but FGS - his family are thinking about planning rehabilitation where just a few days ago they were discussing funeral arrangements. What a wonderful world we live in. I had a pep in my step all day just thinking of him. I haven't rung again - I want to give them time - but will ring again in a day or so to see how he is faring now. I am so happy for him and my nieces and nephews - they may just get to keep their Uncle Miles for many more years. I sure hope so.


Sharon said...

Funny to read your stories about the dad and kids weekend! Sounds like you enjoyed some quiet time as well.
Great to hear about your BIL improving too.

Michelle said...

oh what a fun weekend for the kids and dad to get away - and for you to have that bit of alone time! So glad Kit was ok and only needed a few stitches. Yes, dads do parent a bit differently don't they :)

Praying for Miles that he continues on his road to recovery.