Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb - midreport

Swimming again. Kit was allowed back in the water now his stitches have been removed. They had a blast.

Lots of bits and pieces have been happening but nothing in particular - so here is a random catch up of the days of our lives... With the arrival of all the electronic games it seemed as if Kit would never draw again.... so I bought some bath crayons and he agreed to not play electronic games Tues - Thurs - and voila! A drawing of Ben 10 aliens... I love having my 'boy' back.

A Valentines card for Hannah from her friend Z
Kit has been practising his keyboard regularly with less fuss so that is nice:
Hannah has been enjoying drawing and writing. This morning she didn't want to practice her spelling words but was happy to write out the names of everyone in her family. Speech wise she is doing great too - I can't remember what I had done but yesterday when I said 'no' she went straight to her father and basically said 'make Mummy say yes' the little bugger! Then after getting two teeth extracted I was driving her home - I asked if she wanted her ipod and when she said no I suggested she and I just listen to a cd. I found one already loaded - the Hillbillies which Kit likes but Hannah clearly didn't want it - she signed 'shut door' and from that I worked out she wanted 'Rattlin' Bones' by Kasey Chambers - and so she and I sang along to it on the way home.

I have finally organised for Hannah to have orthotics (again) I am trying a place a bit closer to home hoping it will keep me more vigilant as she really needs some support her arches are really fallen in. Unfortunately this is the only health professional that she doesn't cooperate with! Today at the dentist - she was great. When I take her to the drs - it's the same - she works hard to understand what they want her to do - and then she gives it a go. Not so the podiatrist. It's because he tried to take a footprint to custom cast an orthotic - and the machine scared her. Now she is wary of anything about him - so he ordered in a foam box to use as a mould - no way was she putting her feet in it (even though she has done this before at the old gait clinic) so in the end we went with off the shelf, slightly modified ones. She was happy because they are red and once he'd snuck them into her shoes and she realised that they were ok she was eager to show them to dad and grandpa. Outside waiting to pay was so lovely - I was letting her know that I'd take a photo of them so Grandpa could see them (Dad is in Brisbane at the moment) and put it on my computer - to which she said "Hannah missing Grandpa". How lovely is that? I hope Dad manages to sell his house and come down for a long visit soon. I miss him too.


A Cappelli said...

I just have to say that I love Hannah's red hair. She is adorable! I am partial- as 3 of my four kids have red hair.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Ah, Shelley!

Orthopedic feet can be so good and so painful!

Loved seeing the Ben Ten drawing. Lots of bright colours.

"Cricket Game" and "Marching Band": awesome. I see they are all crotchets and treble.

Z's card: lovely Valentine!

(There is at least one electronic game compatible with the DSi which promotes drawing, which has been advertised fairly heavily. It is good also for getting some art theory inside).


The health professionals are revealing. More relationship; less machinery.

(Hoping Grandpa and Uncle Miles are good).

Renovation market topsy-turvy at the moment.