Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers day

Lovely time of year here in the Dock although it is starting to get colder now. The twins spoilt me terribly on mother's day. Breakfast in bed - with them in the bed too (??hmmm)- and then lunch with the extended family. The school had a mothers day stall which the twins were very excited about. They went in separately with their different focus teachers and low and behold I got 2 sets of heart shaped measuring spoons. Very nice actualy as I don't have any measuring spoons and we do cook a lot here. They were very proud of themselves. Kit also did some craftwork which was sweet.
School athletics carnival went well. Everyone enjoyed themselves even thought he weather wasn't great and we all had to make a run for it and end it all a bit early when the drizzle became a downpour!


Cathy said...

umm when did Hannah grow up? lol she is growing up to fast cant believe this poto. sweet

Michelle said...

such a beautiful picture of Hannah!