Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Holly Hobbie

I used to collect Holly Hobbie when I was young - I still have a vase and DH has a coffee mug with his name on (of which he denies ALL knowledge BTW!). Anyhoo - Kit and Hannah are mucking around on the computer WAY TOO MUCH as they do on the weekend and suddnely Hannah wants to print - a template for a holly Hobbie dress up doll. She loves it and keeps it by her bed. Then a week later they are pestering their father again (the coloured inks are running out and it is NOT a pay week...) to print another template - a Holly Hobbie house. Kit follows the instructiosn cuts out the bits and stickytapes togehter a house that Hannah loves. What a wonderful brother, and how fantastic that a little bit of my own childhood gets to be relived through my daughter? I will have to scour the op shops for a piece of Holly Hobbie for each of them to have as their own.
PS If you don't read Mainstream Musings - Hannah is doing so great at school. It fills me with the most joyous pride - I don't expect her to be top of the pops - but she is loving school and the school is welcoming her - and is starting to really see the unbelievable gift that she is to the community. The special ed teacher is mighty impressed with her literacy skills - and I know in my heart of hearts - it isn't cos of 'all the work I do' - no way - it is just because that is how our family is and that is how talented our kids are. The glory - every single little bit of it - belongs to my coraegous and wilful redhead - who knows that she is different but does what she does to perfection. I love her exactly as she is. I am so proud of her - and so happy with our choice of school...God is good.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Big way to relive your childhood.

I myself remember a Holly Hobbie pillow and sheets from the 1990s.

Best wishes at the op shop.