Saturday, October 24, 2009


Back to work, backk into routine - except for today where we have a SUPERHERO party on - the grand finale for the brats' turning 5 celebrations. I hope it goes well. There will be a mix of kids and parents so hopefully it will all click together - and I'll find Hannahs WOnder WOman costume before it starts.

Work is going well - althouh it is about to get very busy. The kids were obviously happy to resume music lessons and swimming on a Tuesday. Hannah had a ball at her EI on Wed. I baked a cake for them to take to preschool on Thursday to share with their class. Another mum brought in cupcakes so they were all well sugared up by the afternoon. The preschool teacher commented on how well Hannah's speech is going - it is slow but at least she is improving.

Orientations for kindy start soon. Another hurdle. After Halloween I think I'll start organising things for Christmas. Wow - another year already. It's been a pretty good one so far.

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