Saturday, November 15, 2008


Kit's 'SuperSanta'
The brats had their orientation for preschool - they will be going 2 days a week next year. I am very nervous about it - but also excited as I think it will be a great opportunity for them - and I think they'll really like it.
The teacher is very open - has said that she doens't know much about DS - but she is clearly very experienced and is good with the kids and open about finding out stuff. She and I talked informally after an information session a couple of weeks ago and based on that I drafted up a 'Getting to know Hannah' sort of letter with FAQs on the back. Given that the teacher amde a couple of gaffs (like referring to Han as 'downs' when talking to me - I am hoping she reads them too - it entions people first language!! I wasn't offended though - her intentions are good and I wouldn't want to ake her feel uncvcomfortable or defensive - I want her to feel that she can come up and ask me stuff. Still I hope she reads that sheet!
The preschool has a great feel to it - like a classroom but friendly and very well organised. Hannah and Kit played at various things with gusto. The other parents were nice. Hannah managed to make eye contact with 2 other children with a little prompting - so I am hoping she will devlop more confidence when playing with her peers. At the end of orientation the teacher read them a story and they did a little singing - yep - I am looking forward to it for them next year - it should be good.
On Monday we have the 'big meet' which I am a bit nervous about - it is with the preschool teacher, the deputy principal, the Dept district officer - support, the schoool counsellor and in the other ring is myself, P and thankfully someone from Han's EI. I know the intention of it is good but still I feel a bit nervous. Hope it goes ok.

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Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Sounds like a great teacher. I bet they will have a great time. I love super claus!