Friday, November 07, 2008

How to avoid saying "ROTTEN!!!!!!!!!"

Here are some excerpts from Miss X's ST teacher - she had an individual lesson early onday morning - can you guess Hannah's mood?

"She required continual prompting to attend to tasks today"

"Despite having her own ideas of what she wanted to colour, XX was able to follow simmple instructions correctly." and

"Hannah was able to recognise an animal by its sound 3 of 4 times - on one occassion XX wanted to finish the activity"

MMMmm - not the best little girl - at least I can laugh about it - afterall I am quite partial to an hornery type (you should see my DH!) and she is usually pretty good.


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

My D often has reports like that. I think it's good - she's got spirit and personality!!

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - your girl definitely has spunk :) And really - with her cute red locks, how can your ST expect anything else :) Sometimes I think that it's this determination and stubborness that helps our kids get through some of the more difficult things in their lives :)

I love your Hannah and all her spunkiness :)