Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well it's saturday now and I have officially regrouped! The funeral on Thursday was lovely - exactly what Audrey would have wanted I am sure. It hailed like the fury on the drive to the cemetry - not sure what THAT might mean! Anyways things are calmer int he shams after a night in drinkinga bit too much red wine and wathcing the opening ceremony fo rhte Olympics. P has taken Kit to his first football game - to see the Jets play. I still have a wee cold so am at home waiting for Hannah to wake up so I can go tothe shops to get something for dinner and visit the library too I think. If I could only find the right lead I could download some photoes to post ... no idea where I put the thing!!

Oops - she's awake - we're off...

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Elbog said...

Popped in to see you after your lovely comments. What a beautiful bunch of 'brats' you have!
I suspect few dull moments at your house.
Nice to meet you!