Friday, June 29, 2007

Pretty Quiet in the west

Not much has been happening lately thank goodness. We are well and truly settled in the new digs. I spent my first morning working with Aspects Starting Blocks program - for 3-5 yo with autism. When I enrolled in the masters of special education it was really because I wanted more specific information on how I might be able to help Hannah when she goes to school. I wasn't 100% sure that I would actually enjoy teaching or working with special needs kids as a professional though - sure I love playing with Hannah and the little ones from her EI - but this is different. After my morning at Aspect I know that I do enjoy working with these kids - even if they are not my own and even if it is in the role of a teacher - I don't know about a carrer move into EI - I love my 'big uglies' as I call them (not to their faces!!) but definitely I had a lot fo fun engaging these children in different activities.

School holidays are here!!! YAYYY!!!My parents are arriving tonight for the weekend so I am very excited about that I haven't seen them since Christmas. It will be wonderful to catch up - I have organised dinner on Sat night so the twins will have both sets of grandparents together - and I am really looking forward to that.

FashionWhile I was at Aspect a freind and 2 of her kids came and played/looked after the twins. Maddie brought over some of her clothes that she can't fit into anymore - and both brats were pretty eager to try them on - after a big sleep - they were rather TIRED after their visitors left.

Not to be outdone ...

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Michelle said...

The one of Kit trying on the shoes is priceless!

I'm glad you're enjoying your time working at Aspects!