Sunday, June 24, 2007

I went to a conference on autism on the weekend. A side track discussed was whether the children are manipulating the adults. I found the whole concept interesting because naturally as a twin Mum I'd have to say that yes both my brats manipulate me. But do they really - is manipulation when one is made a fool of? If so then no although that does happen of course (every day in fact!) but not from their perspective. No rather they are learning how to get their needs met - and doing so as best they can. Kit is particularly good at it - he has taken to throwing himself on the ground (behaviour guaranteed to get his father's attention) and he also cries and demands a cuddle - after HE has been the naughty one - successfully drawing attention away from Hannah and back to him. DO you know how horrible it feels to say "No" in response to your toddler saying "I just want a cuddle"? MMM I must remember that - just getting his needs met as best he can. HE DOES HOWEVER PLAY A MEAN GUITAR:
Hannah too has picked up some of his tricks - crocodile tears aplenty here.
The future looks bright ...
How could I be anything other than optimistic about this little brat? I marvel at those families who managed in the past to maintain their relationship with the child/sibling with DS in spite of the much worse situation and attitudes that prevailed. Arthur Miller's son for example. We have come a long way, I hope it continues, because Hannah deserves the BRIGHTEST future there is.


Michelle said...

I LOVE how you ended this post! You are so right in that our kids DO deserve the brightest future! And who could deny a face like that? She's radiating joy!

Christina said...

I have no doubt what so ever your kids wil have a bright future. Love the mean guitarr pic too! Kit's a hit :-)