Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tomorrow isToday

So it isn't a week since last week's meltdown but I am pleased to report that we are getting back on track. It's early days but the yellow brick road is gleaming postdownpour and I can see rainbows far off in the distance.

Lots of work later and I have a Guide written - Out and About With Hannah. The school has agreed to send an extra pair of hands along on camp - a fabulous TA who has a daughter that will be on camp too - and who is doing further study re Down Syndrome. So really I could say that this is a bonus activity for her!! Lol. Well I could say that if I wasn't a teacher myself - so I know that taking a group of kids away whilst very rewarding is in fact also a big imposition.

A couple of run ins regarding ipads - not quite sorted but on the way.... so progress is being made.

Hannah is still enamoured of the idea of being a 'big girl' so is trying to concentrate at school although I am told and totally believe that she gets pretty tired by about lunchtime.

Today I had to pick her up at lunchtime togo for a blood test - at the lab she took up the request form herself - and handed over her medicare card when requested. The Lab were great and quickly realised that as much as possible I wanted Hannah to be in the 'driver's seat' so asked herto checkher details on the form and blood sample - she didok on that  - I am sure she'll be doing it on her own like a pro before too long. So that impressed me - her confidence is growing. Then we went back to school to collect her brother and she was keen to go and independently show her friends her bandaid from the test - and then her teachers too.

Also this morning I got a call from her roll call teacher - it mightbe too late but there is a special needs event in swimming trials coming up - would I be interested in Hannah participating. My word I would!! Hannah loves swimming. So we talked about that and then I thought I could check with her oldswimming instructor - whether she could do 50 metres on her own - did she need kickboard etc. Now being the small world that it is, her swimming instructor happens to also teach her in her disability dance class and also happens to have a daughter in the same class at Hannah's school. So I got a text back not only answering my questions but offering to be the person to assist Hannah cos she'll be there watching her daughter anyway. Ahhh... sometimes I really love this life. I know that I am blessed - I know it every time I look at my twins (even when I am yelling at them :p) but I am reminded of just HOW blessed I am on days like today - and also on days likelast week's disaster cos even though it feels so incredibly hard and isolating in the intensity P and I stick together. We are a team. And then when the worst of the storm has passed I know that there are otherswaiting to help us through.

Here's some pics of Hannah swimming at the school carnival last year - she really wanted to go in the big pool.... and the daughter of that TA - well she swam alongside Hannah.... and I was told by a number of people who were there just how movingit was and how the whole stand cheered my monster child on.

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